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Chancel Chairs

Add beauty, style and dignity to your sanctuary with our chancel chair sets. The chancel is often the center of attention during worship services; it's a space that should be dressed and furnished with care. Find the perfect chancel seating to suit your sanctuary's style and mood with our wide selection of chancel chair sets. We carry a variety of classic chancel seat designs, with all the comfort, beauty, and humble grace you're looking for in sanctuary furniture design.
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Series 400 Minister Chairs

Series 400 Minister Chairs

Your Price: $729.00
On sale: $639.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Series 400 Minister Chair Set

Series 400 Minister Chair Set

Your Price: $2,549.00
On sale: $1,929.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Series 500 Minister Chair

Series 500 Minister Chair

Your Price: $749.00
On sale: $679.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Series 500 Minister Chair Set

Series 500 Minister Chair Set

Your Price: $2,037.00
On sale: $1,910.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Colonial Style Minister Chair

Colonial Style Minister Chair

Your Price: $699.00
On sale: $639.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Colonial Style Minister Chair Set

Colonial Style Minister Chair Set

Your Price: $1,917.00
Chancellor Chancel Chair

Chancellor Chancel Chair

Your Price: $529.00
On sale: $380.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Chancellor Chancel Chair Set

Chancellor Chancel Chair Set

Your Price: $1,180.00
On sale: $1,029.00 Church Furniture On Sale

Buying Guide - Chancel Chairs

From the era of kings and kingdoms, a chair marks ‘authority’. Even today chair is interchangeably used with power and authority, and the person ruling is a chairman. While the bench, the stool or the chest were for ordinary people, the chair was meant for higher officials. Presently, chairs are found everywhere. There are many kinds of chairs available in the market. To name a few are an arm chair, an office chair and a kid’s chair. These chairs are made of plastic, iron, or wood. Very stylish, designed for comfort, chairs are now coming with a cushioned seat.

Chairs touch another important aspect of our life, a religious aspect. There are chairs in church so that aged people comfortably offer their prayers. A chancel chair is specifically designed to be used as a part of church furniture to provide ease and comfort to all those who visit church to offer their prayers.

A chancel chair is specially designed keeping in mind where it is used. It is comfortable and comes with or without the side arm rests. It usually has a tall back to provide support to the person seated on the chair. There are various designs available in a chancel chair. If you wish to buy a chancel chair, do not forget to consider the below points before your purchase:

Shape of the chair

Since a chancel chair is commonly used in a church, it is simple and authentic. The tall and sleek back of the chair is helpful to provide support keeping in mind that a person from every age group can conveniently sit on it. Chancel chair is mainly made out of pine or oak wood and does not come in fancy colors. The colors used are white, brown, grey or natural earthy shades. An elegant design with carving on wooden back is the main attraction of a chancel chair. For better support, these chairs are now being made with iron frames. Chancel chairs have a cushion seat for comfortable seating. Arm rest is yet another important characteristic. Arm rest makes it even more comfortable and gives a stylish look too. The broad cushioned seat, a sleek arm rest and a tall back truly makes it a best choice.

Raw material used

As these chairs are not replaced often and are used continuously, it is highly important to use a good quality material for chancel chairs. These chairs are given a good finishing touch and are finely polished before putting them to use. A chancel chair is made out of fine quality wood like the oak, teak or pine wood. A chancel chair is strong and well built. To make a chancel chair even more durable, manufacturers have started giving metallic finish to it. It comes with an iron frame so that you can easily count on its durability. High quality cushions and fabric are used in the seat to mark a blend of style and comfort. A fine polish is used for finishing chancel chairs. Colors like mahogany, cherry red, dark brown, medium walnut provide an unblemished look to the product.

Designs of the chancel chairs

A range of subtle designs are at display for a chancel chair. As it is placed in a sacred environment, chancel chair does not come in fancy designs. The designs are realistic and not very heavily carved. Very little and sober work is seen on the back or arms and legs of the chair. You can find sweeping lines or squares or a round back. These designs are customized as per requirement to uphold the dignity of the place where a chancel chair is used.

Chancel chair signifies decorum and hence it is extremely important that it should look simple yet attractive and sleek yet comfortable. The quality of the chair is given utmost importance due to its long lasting utility. Additionally, the pure colors make it even more desirable. These chairs borrow their looks from clergy chairs, yet are more style oriented. Chancel chairs are available in sets in the market. When combined with colonial table and choir chairs, the beauty of a chancel chair optimizes. Be it natural colors or painted, chancel chairs look elegant always. The tall and convenient back can be cushioned too. It gives hours of comfortable sitting in such a sacred surrounding. A chancel chair indeed serves functional at an affordable price.

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