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Church Baptistries

Performing baptisms is a vital part in the community and spiritual life of your church. Make sure your baptisms are as safe and comfortable as they are celebratory,with a beautiful and well-functioning baptismal design. We carry church baptismals in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit the needs of your sanctuary and your congregation. Along with full, custom baptism pools and portable baptistries, we also carry a variety of necessary parts and accessories, including baptismal pool pumps, filters, drain units, and steps. Make sure you're prepared to celebrate the joy of baptism with your congregation with the help of our church baptismal collection.


Baptismal Fonts

Baptismal Fonts

Baptistry Accessories

Baptistry Accessories

Choosing the Right Baptisteries for Church Décor

Most churches are adorned with mosaics, inlays, free-standing statues, and marble friezes etc., which add to the external and interior décor. The external decoration of the cathedral or church includes columns, pilasters, arcading, moldings, cornices, tracery, finials etc., along with pictorial elements such as sculpture, paintings, mosaic etc. to name a few. The most common decoration theme in a church includes the salvation of Jesus Christ by mankind. Most of the churches are painted in neutral colors to create a roomy and spacious feeling. This will also help in making the walls and furniture look much farther than they actually are. Colors such as pinks, lavenders, purples etc. can be used as ascents. The importance and splendor of the Baptistery reflect the importance of Baptism for Christians. The baptistery can be incorporated inside the body of the church or the cathedral. The members of the community worship God and proclaim the Gospel by celebrating Baptism.

  • Basic circulatory water heater: The circulatory style baptistery heater technology is designed to heat the full size units. These have been used in churches for a long period of time. The design is very simple and easy to use. The appropriate level of water must be added to the heater before turning the power on. The water will enter at the level of the pump from the bottom and circulate through the element and get released at the top. An average basic circulatory water heater can heat about 500 gallons of water. An important point to keep in mind is that chlorine or bromine solutions must not be used in the heater as it will spoil the baptistery.
  • Pool side baptistery water heater: This type of water heater is one of the most economical types to operate. For easy use and accessibility, the heater is mounted and then attached to a garden hose which extends till the pool. Another advantage in this type of baptistery water heater is that it doesn't require any drilling, plumbing and uses less energy than the other circulatory systems. One hose will connect to a submersible pump that pumps the water from the pool to the heater and vice-versa. The standard type of poolside baptistery water heater can heat about 750 gallons of water.
  • Deluxe baptistery heating and control system: This type of water heating system is one of the best systems offered in the market these days. This is mainly because you can have complete control over each and every aspect of the system and services offered. It is extremely safe and easy to use too. It has a built-in breaker which saves the electrician cost and wiring. All the heater fittings namely stainless steel element housing construction, pump, thermostatic controls, heating indicator and power lights etc., come in a box. It can be easily assembled and used. The entire system is rust-free and even chemical applications can be used in it. The deluxe system can heat an average of 500 gallons of water.
  • Immersion baptistery heaters: The immersion baptistery heaters are one of the oldest used heating systems in churches. The non-adjustable immersion heaters are appropriate to be installed where plumbing provision is difficult to be provided. The immersion type is suitable for heating up to 150 to 500 gallons of water. It has a standard ceramic heating element, thermostat and silicone bumpers. It is easy and safe to use plus energy efficient.
  • Baptistery accessories: In addition to the baptistery heaters, you even get various types of baptistery accessories in the market. An over-sized drain or an overflow kit is similar to a bathtub drain. The only difference is that it is larger in size than the bathtub drain for ease to fit into the baptistery. A filter skimmer is designed in such a way that it will help the baptistery stay clean and sanitary can be maintained. A filled up faucet will help in changing labels from hot to cold whenever required. A ground fault circuit interrupter or breaker is useful in preventing electric shocks. Shocks can occur when intermingling of water, electricity and people takes place. Hence, installing the breaker will help in keeping your pastor and the candidates safe.

Most of the products available these days come with a warranty of about one year from the date of purchase. The warranty period is limited and if the heater is turned on with insufficient water in it, then the warranty will be void. The specialization in the models available these days add to the existing décor of the church.

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