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Lecterns & Podiums

Find the perfect setting for sermons, scripture readings, speeches, and more in our full collection of church pulpits, lecterns, and podiums. We carry full size lecterns and pulpits in a variety of materials, finishes, and designs. Whether you're looking for a professional podium or legal lectern with sound for a lecture hall or meeting room, or a traditional reading lectern or pulpit for a church sanctuary, we're sure to have the perfect design to suit your needs.
 Products (Total Items: 16)
Diplomat Lectern

Diplomat Lectern

Your Price: $800.00
On sale: $548.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Full Pedestal Lectern

Full Pedestal Lectern

Your Price: $850.00
On sale: $598.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Senator Podium

Senator Podium

Your Price: $1,595.00
On sale: $1,495.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Deluxe Speaker Stand

Deluxe Speaker Stand

Your Price: $549.00
On sale: $479.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Power Plus Lectern

Power Plus Lectern

Your Price: $499.00
On sale: $439.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Table Top Lectern With Optional Base

Table Top Lectern With Optional Base

Your Price: $429.00
On sale: $149.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Full Floor Lectern

Full Floor Lectern

Your Price: $250.00
On sale: $160.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Floor Lectern

Floor Lectern

Your Price: $400.00
On sale: $268.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Floor Sound Lectern

Floor Sound Lectern

Your Price: $900.00
On sale: $698.00 Church Furniture On Sale
The Prestige Lectern

The Prestige Lectern

Your Price: $1,500.00
On sale: $1,198.00 Church Furniture On Sale
The Orator Lectern

The Orator Lectern

Your Price: $1,000.00
On sale: $798.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Orator Lectern

Orator Lectern

Your Price: $999.00
On sale: $725.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Wood Veneer Lectern

Wood Veneer Lectern

Your Price: $2,100.00
On sale: $1,698.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Wood Veneer Lectern, Sound Model

Wood Veneer Lectern, Sound Model

Your Price: $2,500.00
On sale: $2,198.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Legal Lectern-Multi-Medis

Legal Lectern-Multi-Medis

Your Price: $5,300.00
On sale: $4,569.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Free Shipping
Mobile Lectern

Mobile Lectern

Your Price: $771.40
On sale: $642.83 Church Furniture On Sale

A Buying Guide for Pulpits and Lecterns

The pulpit and the lectern is basically the dais used for preaching in the church. Lecterns are also used in many schools and colleges for giving lectures. Both of these are very beneficial in their own way. Most people assume that lecterns and pulpits are same furniture. However, the fact is that these are similar to each other but are not same.  A pulpit is a dais that features a church symbol on its front. It is mostly used as a lectern in churches, whereas lecterns are smaller sized daises than pulpits. These too are used in churches, but mostly in colleges, universities, conference halls, etc.

Though both of these are simple furniture with specific purpose, there are certain things you need to look into when you are buying a pulpit or a lectern. These are:

Purpose of Buying Lecterns or Pulpits

The purpose for which you are buying a lectern or a pulpit is very important. When you are buying any kind of furniture, planning plays a very important role. Proper planning leads to the right choice ultimately. The place where the proposed furniture will be used or placed is a very important aspect of an effective planning strategy. When you are looking for a lectern or pulpit for the church, it is obvious for you choose something that looks very sober. For schools and colleges lectern will be preferred to a pulpit.

Size of Pulpit or Lectern

Another thing you need to consider is the size of the pulpit or the lectern. The size of the pulpit or lectern should be in accordance with the space available. If space is a constraint then smaller sized pulpits should be bought. For instance, in classrooms smaller ones should be used. But for auditorium and churches pulpits and lecterns of bigger size with elaborate carving can also be used to give an air of grandness of the area.

Material of the Pulpit and the Lectern

Beside variations in size, you will find lecterns and pulpits made in various designs. Most of them are made of wood, while some of them are of metal and brass. The wooden pulpits and lecterns are mostly used in churches or conference halls. These are made of fine wood and are constructed very uniquely. They are strong, durable and give an air of grandness. Even metallic pulpits or lecterns are made beautifully using good quality iron and metal.

Style of Lectern and Pulpit

While buying pulpits style may not be something that you will pay much attention to. This however, should not be done. Like every other furniture, while buying this furniture too you should take into account the kind of decor that the church has. Purchasing a pulpit or lectern that complements the overall theme of the church will certainly enhance the look of the church interior. 

Where to Buy Lecterns and Pulpits

Once you have planned to purchase your lectern or pulpit, it is important to find the right source. There are several stores that sell furniture. But, not all are reliable. Hence visit a reputable furniture site to make your purchase. The various details that a buyer would require are also given alongside the product. You can also enlarge and view the products to get a better look of the furniture.

In addition to this you are also saved from the gimmicks of the sales people who will invariably hover over you and try to influence your decision. Further, several websites selling furniture also provide attractive discounts to their users. Thus, while saving your energy from going from one shop to another looking for the right pulpit or lectern you can simply visit different websites and browse through their products till you find one that suits both your preference and budget.

Thus, when you set out to purchase a pulpit or lectern, it is important to look for good quality. Besides this the purpose of the furniture is also important. Pulpits and lecterns having additional features like storage spaces are also in demand these days. However, the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is the quality. This is essential because churches have limited resources and they cannot afford to spend money on furniture that will require repairing after a few months of use. Make your choice sensibly.


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