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Courtroom Furniture & Seating

Court Room Furniture
Courtroom furniture can sometimes be hard to find; most local furniture stores don't carry a supply of jury seating and witness stands. This is why we specialize in hard-to-find courtroom furniture, judge's benches, witness stands, recorder stands, courtroom benches, jury seating, and courtroom chairs. Our selection of courtroom furniture is as large as it is judiciously priced. We have all the courthouse furnishings you need to keep justice flowing smoothly.
Courtroom Furniture

Courtroom Furniture

Courtroom Seating

Courtroom Seating

Courtroom Podiums

Courtroom Podiums

A Courtroom Furniture Buying Guide

When you are looking to buy courtroom furniture, it is important to bear in mind that you will have to be extra cautious to find the best furniture. The type of furniture varies largely depending upon its usage and purpose. There is the restaurant and hotel furniture, park furniture, church furniture, hospital furniture, school furniture, office furniture and courtroom furniture. When you are shopping for courtroom furniture, the considerations that you should look at are quite different from when you are shopping for bedroom or lounge furniture.

Courtroom furniture is rarely “stylish” but nevertheless can be very appealing. This is because most courtroom furniture is of simple, classic design intended to maximize comfort and durability. Here are some of the basic things you will need to consider when you are buying courtroom furniture.

The Furniture Should Be Tough

The basic thing you should consider when buying courtroom furniture is its durability. This is primarily because the courtroom is a public place. Even while maintained in the best possible way, wear and tear of courtroom furniture is bound to happen at a much faster rate than with home furniture. Also, replacing the furniture can turn out to be very expensive. Hence, considering the fact that buying courtroom furniture is a long term investment, it is best advised to select furniture that is sturdy and durable.

The Furniture Should Be Comfortable

Though the courtroom may not be used very often, it is still important that you be highly selective of the furniture you plan to purchase. The furniture needs to be not just durable but very comfortable too. The seats for the people should be very comfortable and made of fine material. If this factor is taken into consideration, it automatically increases the life of the furniture.

The Style of the Furniture

When you are buying any kind of public furniture, even the courtroom furniture, considering the style is also a must. This is not just because the place should be loved by all those who visit it, but the style factor in the furniture will bring down the dullness of the room.

The Kind of Furniture for the Courtroom

This is the most important factor that you need to consider when you are buying the courtroom furniture. There are different kinds of furniture used in the courtroom. Here is a little detail on the various pieces of furniture that you will need for a courtroom.

Courtroom podiums: Courtroom podiums are basically very similar to lecterns, and are used by the lawyers to speak. These podiums are available in large as well as in a small size. For high law courts, the large sized podiums are typically used.

The counsel table: These tables are also very important pieces of furniture for the courtroom. These are used to seat the plaintiff and the defendant. These tables often have mikes connected, which help the parties to speak their respective statements.

The judge’s bench: The judge’s bench is very similar to the lectern used by the lawyer, but wider and larger in size.

The chairs: For the people or the audience present in the court, the chairs need to be comfortable. You can use the simple, yet tough wooden chairs or may even opt for benches. Benches look best in the courtroom if they are long enough to seat three people. Church pews can also be used alternatively.

The Place to Buy Courtroom Furniture

Though courtroom furniture is available in the market, it is best to purchase it online. That’s because online furniture shopping is quite advantageous in more ways than one. When you shop online, you save time and effort. Also, the furniture available online is of high quality.  All you have to do is search for the sites that deal with quality courtroom furniture and place your order.


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