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Kneeler Pads

Renew your old pew kneelers with custom made kneeler pads. Easy to install and economical new pads for your existing kneelers are an easy way to refresh your sanctuary and bring some comfort into your congregation's worship and prayer time. We carry kneeler padding and cushions to fit a variety of pew kneeler styles.
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Church Pew Kneeler Pads

Church Pew Kneeler Pads

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Hassock Kneeling Cushion

Hassock Kneeling Cushion

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Kneeler Pads

Comfort is something that everyone looks for everywhere. Your place of worship is no exception. In fact, church being a place where one prays and tries to find solace in the serenity and the calm, makes it all the more essential to have a comfortable seating complemented by kneeler pads. While church cushion and kneeler pads beautify the overall look and ambience of the church, it is important to select these accessories cautiously. It is no secret that churches have a funds crunch. Several people feel that kneeler pads are unnecessary and wasteful expenditure. The amount that one can spend on these can well be utilized in other more purposeful activities.

However, what these cynics overlook is the fact that donations from the public are the major source of funds for a church. There is a tendency of funds to dry up if worshippers stop coming to a particular church. This commonly happens when people find it difficult to spend quality time prying due to the lack of comfortable seating or kneeler pads. Spending on kneeler pads is, therefore, an essential expenditure. It is however, important to take into certain factors while purchasing kneeler pads for church.


Churches have restricted budget but low cost does not always mean good quality. Instead of getting lured by inexpensive kneeler pads, look for quality even if the price is a little higher. Churches will not be replacing the kneeler pads very frequently, hence, ensure that the quality is good and will last for years.


Unlike our homes, church furniture has to be necessarily strong and sturdy to last for several years. Kneeler pads should also come in material that is durable and low on maintenance. At the same time it should also complement with the overall look and theme and color of the church interiors. Wear resistant vinyl upholstery is tough and easy to maintain. One can also use fabric upholstery but while being durable, they tend to get dirty easily. Cleaning can be an issue with such kneeler pads.


This is another important factor that has to be kept in mind. Kneeler pads come in different sizes. Choose one according to the requirements of the church. These can be can be single or be used by several people.

Additional features:

Kneeler pads with rubber stops prevent the noise when one moves form the kneeler pad. Take into account features like height, length and leg room space while ordering the kneeler pads.

Some of the widely popular kneeler pads available in the market are as follows:

  • Solid Oak Frontal Screen Prie Dieus:

This is one of most comfortable furniture for a church. Made of solid oak, it has upholstered and padded kneeling pad with padded armrest. It comes with a bookshelf as well where devotees can place their prayer books and other books when they come to the church. It comes in natural, medium and dark walnut hues and looks exquisite in every church. What adds to the beauty of these kneeler pads is that they fit well and enhance the overall look of the various other church accessories. It comes in single, double or triple height with an assurance of superior quality and a return back policy if consumer does not like the product.

  • Atwood-Hamlin Kneelers

Atwood-Hamlin Kneelers is a traditional style of kneeler that is popular even today. However, if a church has Atwood-Hamlin Kneelers it doesn’t mean that the kneelers have to old, worn out and weather beaten. As much as discomfort puts off worshippers, so does shabby looking furniture. Hence, it is important to replace kneeler pads. These pads are made with plywood and are padded with thick and high density foam. They are upholstered with vinyl and are hence easy to maintain. One can get the replacement pads custom made to suit the specific requirements of the church.

Good quality kneeler pads serve for a long time. However, situations may arise when the kneeler pads might require some repairs to ensure that the prayer services are carried on unhindered. Such kneeler pads are usually constructed of plywood and with a high quality foam of 1 ¼” padding. These fit kneeler ranging from 5” to 7” wide. They come in vinyl upholstered fabric that is easy to clean and maintain.

Just like homes, furnishing for church is available in bountiful features and characteristics. One just needs to have an eye for details and keep certain essential factors in mind. It is no secret that church funds are limited and any modification or renovation requires large investment. Hence, it is important to make a thorough research before venturing in the market to purchase the furniture or kneeler pads.

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