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New Customer Feedback
Posted by on 3/4/2012 to Customer Feedback
David, I just thought that I would let you know that we received our crosses and have had them mounted on the wall. I wish that I had taken a picture to send to you, they are absolutely beautiful. Our pews have the light oak on them and the copper colored crosses blend so well with the furnitue, you would be amazed. Thank you so much for your help and maybe we can do business again. The church congregation is in awe of how the crosses enhance the beauty of our sanctuary. Again I thank you so much for all of your help and also I thank your production department for being so efficent in making and delivering our crosses. I do want to apologize to the people delivering the crosses because they had to wait for us and that is my fault. I thought that they were being delivered at a later date. If you can please ask them to forgive me and thank you for waiting. A satisfied customer (Edited for length/spelling/grammar only.)
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