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Pew Cushions

Give your sanctuary an instant facelift without breaking your budget with some custom-fit pew cushions. These beautiful, durable pew cushions are an easy way to make older pews look like new, while bringing your congregation some added comfort. Choose from our selection of reversible pew cushions, pew back padding, and flat base cushions for the perfect look and level of comfort to freshen up your worship space.


 Products (Total Items: 7)
Comfort Pew Form Cushions

Comfort Pew Form Cushions

Your Price: Prices Starting as Low as $25.00 Per Foot!
Flat Based Pew Cushions

Flat Based Pew Cushions

Your Price: Prices Starting at $23.50 per Foot!
Reversible Pew Cushions

Reversible Pew Cushions

Your Price: Starting at $23.50 per Foot!
Hassock Kneeling Cushion

Hassock Kneeling Cushion

Your Price: $120.00
On sale: $95.00 Church Furniture On Sale
Communion Rail Cushion

Communion Rail Cushion

Your Price: Prices Starting at $34.25 per Foot!
Drop Front Pew Cushions

Drop Front Pew Cushions

Your Price: Starting at $23.00 per Foot!
Bracket Jig

Bracket Jig

Your Price: Starting at $23.00 per Foot!

Buying Guide – Pew Cushions

We often think that making ourselves holy is all about praying and dedicating ourselves to the Lord. We can also become pure and holy by performing some good deeds towards our faith. Investing in for the development of worship places such as churches and chapels is something that you can do towards your religion and also attain the blessings of the Lord.

To make this spiritual investment in terms of the worldly considerations, get the best church furniture that is not only comfortable as well as stylish. So, when you are looking for such church furniture, it is always better that you go with the pews. This is because pews are much more comfortable and appealing than the simple chairs for a church. Pews are long chairs that were initially considered ideal for their use in grave yards or cemeteries. But with the realizations of their efficiency, pews are being designed for their use in the churches or chapels also. Today, there are even pews that come along with cushions and flexible seats.

The Benefits of Using Pews Cushion Chairs 

They are much more comfortable than the single seats in the church. 

They are large, thus give a lot of space. The pews cushions increase the beauty of the furniture. 

There are various kinds of pews cushions that come in different textures, giving the furniture a unique appeal.

As the saying goes, ‘everything that shines is not gold’, the same thing is applicable to the pews cushion chairs too. Not all the pews cushions are beneficial. There are certain things you need to look into while buying the pews cushions. Scroll down to know about them.

Things you need to Look into While Buying Pews Cushions

While buying pews cushions, there are certain things that do matter a lot to make your choice stand wise.

The Purpose of Buying Them: This may seem a very complex aspect to you. You may wonder that the purpose of buying furniture for church is making a good deed or playing a role in the development of the church, and then what does this factor say about? It is true that you will be great hand in the development of the church and also will collect some blessings by making an investment into church furniture, but don’t you want to count in the blessings from the people. The blessings that the people give and the appreciation they show by looking at the comfortable furniture is the whole purpose of buying good chairs. Look for pews cushions that are not only pleasing but also colorful and comfortable.

The Feature of Lumbar Support: Another factor that you need to consider while buying pews cushions is the lumbar support. When we sit on chairs, our lower part of the back reclines to form a curve. This lower part of the skin is called the lumbar region. When buying church furniture, it is very important that you count in the factor of the lumbar support. The pews cushions that have a lumbar support give an additional comfort factor.

They Should be Water Proof or Water Resistant: When you are looking for pews cushions, look for seats that are water proof. It is much possible that you get leather cover pews cushions only of this type. So look for something that is even stylish and water resistant.

They Should have a Foam Density: When you look for pews cushions of foam density, make sure that you pick up something that is very soft, considering all the factors. The pews cushions should be durable and the foam should not destroy on regular use of the pews cushions.

The Price of the Pews Cushions: Another factor that must be considered while buying the pews cushions is the price of the pews cushions. This is very important that you take something that counts in all the aspects above, and also should be reasonable.

The Place to Buy the Pews Cushions

When you are looking for church furniture, there are two sources that you can go for; the online church furniture stores or the store that deals in the church furniture sale in the market. Ordering the church furniture online is a much better option as you will not have any efforts of running all around to buy the best church pews cushions.

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