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Used Pews — What is a church to do with them?
Posted by on 2/24/2012 to Pews
The movement of modern churches away from pews and towards chairs for furnishing their sanctuary space leads to one big question: What do we do with our pews? We offer a service to those needing to sell used pews. For complete details, please go here. To start working on a listing, we need three things: 1. The signed agreement which we will send to your email after you request to sell used pews with us. 2. Three good pictures of the pews for sale. Please have one of an end, the back and the front. Please focus pictures on the pews themselves and get as close as possible: you are trying to sell the pews, not the sanctuary. 3. An inventory list that contains quantities, lengths and any other accurate information that can be used to describe them. Knowing the manufacturer and year manufactured can be very helpful.
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