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Church chairs and church furniture are what we specialize in, which means your congregation will be thrilled you selected Quality Church Furniture to furnish your church. We offer inviting, stylish sanctuary furniture. If you have a need for courtroom furniture you will also find many of our products serve as both courtroom furnishings and sanctuary furnishings.
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Plastic Card Pocket, Pencil & Communion Cup Holder
Plastic Card Pocket, Pencil & Communion Cup Holder
Average Rating 1 Review(s)
Your Price: $7.50
On sale: $6.50 Sales
Senator Podium
Senator Podium
Your Price: $1,595.00
On sale: $1,495.00 Sales
Square Wall Cross
Square Wall Cross
Your Price: $1,350.00
On sale: $500.00 Sales
Series 900 Open Communion Table
Series 900 Open Communion Table
Your Price: $829.00
On sale: $769.00 Sales
69" Boston Bench
Your Price: $2,750.00
On sale: $2,250.00 Sales
Animal Sounds Toddler Rug
Animal Sounds Toddler Rug
Your Price: $349.95
On sale: $279.95 Sales

Church Furniture and Church Chairs

We are proud to represent only the finest church furniture manufacturers. You will find our service and products to be unparalleled and our prices are the lowest available. As a result, we will match any competitor's pricing so that you will feel confident you are getting the lowest cost you can to start building your church. In addition to furniture, we offer interior and exterior crosses, steeples, baptisteries, and much more church furniture and furnishings for your congregation's needs.

Unparalleled Service - Church Chairs | Church Furniture | Church Tables

We've done our best over the year to make sure we are only carrying the best sanctuary furniture out there. How else would we have been around for more than ten years. We work the best church chair materials and church chair fabrics to bring you a high quality end result that will look beautiful in your worship space. We take pride in the worship chairs we bring you and want them to add beauty and peace to your sanctuary space. To top it all off, we work to monitor your order and make sure it is delivered where and when you want it. We call it out "vow of service".

Courtroom Furniture - Courtroom Tables | Courtroom Benches - Jury Seating

A lot of furniture inside of a courtroom is the exact same furniture you find in a place of worship. In a church a court room bench is a church pew and in a courtroom a courtroom podium is a church lectern. It's the same product, just in a different location. As a result, while we are a huge seller of church furniture, we also sell quite a bit of our furniture to courtrooms and courts across the country. Whether it is a judges bench or courtroom table, we are ready to serve your institution in what ever capacity we can while providing the highest level of customer service possible. If you need a quote for a project, don't hesitate to call our toll free number. We are here to serve.

Whether building a new facility, or remodeling your existing church, let Quality Church Furniture assist you with all of your furnishing needs. As professionals, we can guide you in your quest for good stewardship.

Quality Church Furniture Contact Details:

Main address: 1 Hardy Road, #157, Bedford, NH, USA ,
Tel:(866) 213 3780 

 Our Properties Include:  | Cabin decor, rustic decor and rustic furniture
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